Hollywood Moon Tour: Where’s Cudi?

I just walked in the door from the Hollywood Moon show (tonight marked the last tour stop) and yes, this is the closest I’ll ever come to “live blogging” (it conveniently helps ride out the buzz). My sister Nati and I came with absolutely no expectations (which I’m convinced is the only way to approach shows these days) and had quite an interesting night as a result. We both worked late and didn’t head over to Vessel until 11:30, we had trouble finding the joint as it’s is hidden away in an alley downtown. When we finally arrived, Nati realized she forgot her ID(!!!) Now, we were hoping the bouncer would accept her CCA grad school ID and let it slide but clubs are strict these days and we have baby faces and big cheeks. SO, we hopped in a cab (the perks of living so close) and retrieved the ID before heading back. I have to say, one of the highlights of the night was shooting the shit with our cabbie, he was a sweetheart and HILARIOUS. He told us stories of how he collects pictures of epic car accidents that he witnesses on the job. Homie has enough incriminating pictures to fill an art gallery. ANYWAY, we get back to the club, get a drink and start dancing. After 15 minutes of getting down to chopped and screwed remixes of classics like “Poison.” I started to wonder if we missed Kudi and Holt given that it was already 12:15 and the crowd seemed a bit off. I asked the uber hipsters around me and no one knew anything. I mean, fools were black out drunk by this point and barely had enough sense to shrug their shoulders. Finally, some dude told me (as he was simultaneously passing out) “they bailed out and that’s why Flosstradamus is DJing“. That’s right, this poor fella was confusing Million $ Mano with J2K. Let’s do a splitscreen for this one, hmm:

Well, I think it’s obvious that these boys look nothing alike. I get that they’re both fresh to death and from Chicago but really how drunk does one have to be to confuse these two? And yet, he was the only person up in thurr who was even expecting Cudi and Holt (everyone else = Wednesday night regulars at Vessel AKA lots of scantily clad flipina girls shaking their little booties). As I’m scheming to ask someone else, Hollywood Holt takes the stage and announces that Cudi is in the hospital after throwing his voice out from excessive partying. UGH! I was thoroughly disappointed, I was there to support Cudi. I felt for Hollywood Holt because he had to come EXTRA hard in lieu of Cudi’s unexpected absence. I have to give him props for holding it down and getting/keeping the crowd hype when it was obvious no one really knew his ish. He had a couple live tracks like “swerve n’ lean” and “get fresh”. It was nothing mind blowing but I definitely got my dance on! Nati and I were right up front going wild. I tried taking sidekick pics up close but they came out mad blurry and dark. For example:

Sexy, right? Here’s a better idea of what Hollywood looks like:

So yeah, that’s what he looks like. Towards the end he took his shirt off and gave all of us daps before almost falling off the stage (I think someone spiked his vodka cranberry cause that fool seriously lost his balance for a second there). All in all he did his thing and we did our thing. At the end of the day, I can’t complain because it was a FREE show (although when you add up cab fare and drinks…). If you’re reading this Cudi (yeah right), you were sorely missed and we hope you come again soon. I know you’re trying to party like Yeezy but our livers can only tolerate so much abuse. Anyway, our night ended with the bouncer profusely apologizing for giving us a hard time about Nati’s ID and hooked us up with his business card to get into future Vessel parties. Not bad for a Wednesday night, eh? Plus, homie was just doing his job so who can hate? Well my buzz is wearing off and I’m suddenly overcome with exhaustion. Another day, another show. If you haven’t heard/seen any Hollywood Holt or MIllion $ Mano, here’s your chance (they performed the shit out of this one tonight, fasho):

2 Responses to “Hollywood Moon Tour: Where’s Cudi?”
  1. ADS says:

    Dont hate on Cudi! He was in LA with bronchitis and a 107 degree fever. i was talking to his manager right before the show for an article i’m working on…shoulda passed that info on to ya…Holt is on point tho

  2. Isa says:

    My blog is practically a Cudi fan club, there’s zero hate. I hope he’s recovered quickly!

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