Free Shit


Another day, another hip hop show missed. Last night Q-Tip and Busta ripped it at The Knitting Factory in NYC at a FREE show presented by Okay Player, word. I have to say, I’m really feelin all these free shows being thrown lately to generate hype and throw folks a bone amidst all the bullshit we’re going through. For all the Bay Heads, Kid Cudi and Hollywood Holt are throwing a FREE show at Vessel tomorrow night. I’ll definitely be there. Anyway, I thought I’d pass this video along via Miss Info TV from Q-Tip’s dope performance last night. I think the opening freestyle gives us a good idea of what we can expect from his upcoming album The Renaissance dropping November 4, 2008. Q-Tip will either provide the soundtrack for celebration (Obama victory) or mourning (McCain victory), we can only hope for the former. Check, check it out:

After Q-Tip’s set, Busta spit some Ra Ra nonsense before dropping his new joint “Arab Money” (trash). In other news, another track leaked off of John Legend’s Evolver featuring hip hop queen Estelle called “No Other Love” and it’s been on repeat ever since I got home. Download it and let me know what you think. Two last things: 1) I love Santogold as much as the next person but damn she’s everywhere these days and I refuse to cop tickets to her show at The Fillmore next Tuesday because they’re SO ridiculously overpriced, I mean that’s pretty effin’ wack. 2) I’m feelin’ real official today because I finally signed up for a San Francisco Public Library card! I forgot how much I love spending time in libraries and getting books out for FREE. I think the general point I’m trying to make here is that free shit is the shit! What are YOU not paying for? Also, what good books are folks reading? Let a girl know.

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