Get Light

Jay Smooth just broke his Twitter followers off to a blog feature on a new dance spreading throughout New York City called: GET LIGHT. WestCheddar writes:

“Every crew is trying to make a name for themselves both in the streets and on YOUTUBE.  But there is only one Mr. Youtube.  Also known as Swiss, Mr. Youtube hails from the Bronx (arguably where the GET LIGHT phenomenon started), and according to the kids in the streets he is the NICEST.  Supposedly no one wants to battle him.  I must say he looks older than the rest of the middle to high school age teens in most of the videos, but if you are familiar with the dance style you can clearly see why Mr. Youtube is highly respected.”

According to WestCheddar, that’s a video of Mr. YouTube’s crew Brotherhood working it out in one of their sessions. I just came from the gym with Christine and I’m crazy sore all over but these dudes make working out look mad fun (and exhausting). Although, I’m not sure I can get down quite like Mr. YouTube, I think I’ll stick to spoken word for now. No doubt, GET LIGHT will spread like wild fire throughout Bronx, Brooklyn, Harlem etc. be on the look out for these up and coming crews, they’re doing the damn thing and letting the world know. Here’s more:

If any of y’all know more about this, please post a comment. I’m all the way over here in Cali so it’s hard for me to keep my ear to the streets. Thanks Jay Smooth for putting me on and check out more Get Light here brought to you the Get Right crew. Holla!

6 Responses to “Get Light”
  1. Mozart Guerrier says:

    this new dance is dope. i don’t know if i can do it though. lol. the 2nd vid didn’t work. thanks for this

  2. Isa says:

    haha word, I’m not sure I can pull it off either but it looks mad fun. thanks for the comment mozart, keep ’em coming.

  3. Andrew says:

    haha. kids are getting light between every period in every high school in the bronx. not sure i’m into it.

  4. Billion $ Baño says:

    i didnt know much but my cousin always had “yung lite” as his name on his myspace page and he’s from queens

    i guess i was in the loop before most people outside new york lol

    btw he taught me the “aunt jackie” like 4 months before the song came out haha

  5. Lois P. says:

    straight tightest shit ever. i had to watch them again.

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