Shadows Forever


Somebody ring the alarm, a new joint from Jean Grae just dropped! This shot of her draped in gold is TOUGH as hell. I’ve been dreaming of knuckle rings myself but this one wins as the classiest/fiercest of them all. My real name would never fit on a name plate…Sigh, I need to develop one of those corny stage names or use my old nickname “Ice Cold” from the BRITA collective (LOL, you know who you are). Anyway, I can’t find info on exactly when this track was recorded but we do know that “Shadows Forever” was produced by Blue Sky Black Death and will be featured on her upcoming LP The Evil Jeanius slated to drop next week on Babygrande Record (via Okay Player). Be on the look out for that, you know it’s going to be tight. Download the track here. In the meantime, peep the video for “Love Thirst”. Weird but Dope:

2 Responses to “Shadows Forever”
  1. Jeff says:

    while i like her knuckle bling, JG totally blew when she came to Grinnell this past spring. AND she was just straight up mean the entire time–hence my scathing “letter-to-the-editor” in the Grinnell campus paper. zingggggg

  2. Isa says:

    oooh jeffy, sorry to hear that. maybe she wasn’t feeling the crowd? having a bad day? because truth be told, i’ve seen her live several times and she’s been amazing every time. we brought her to wes a couple years back and she was so pleasant/down to earth with all of us even though the flimsy stage we built for her almost broke so i still have mad love for JG.

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