Big Ass TV


My sister’s boyfriend just copped a GIANT TV for our crib and even though we’re too broke to afford cable, we’ve managed to jack enough channels to enjoy 10 o’clock nightly news and the Discovery Channel (hell yeaaaah!). There’s this one channel (101-2, wtf?!) that will play a movie like King Pin and randomly switch over to any John Cusack flick where he’s chasing some lady in torrential rain, it’s a TEASE but we can’t stop watching clips of mediocre movies. We just finished watching Ira Sachs’ “Married Life” and I would recommend it for anyone’s Netflix cue. I was distracted by Rachel McAdam’s perfect hairdo’s and impeccable style, it made me nostalgic for tailored clothes that I’ve never owned. The point is, we have a big ass tv now and it just might kill my already moot social life, WOOHOO! Haters fall back…lol, I love you!!!


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