A Kid Named CuDI


Admittedly, I wasn’t instantly sold on CuDI and he took a back seat to the likes of Jay Electronica and Janelle Monae (all who have been hustlin’ for years and only now getting mainstream attention). The Vietnam Vol. 2 Mixtape put me on to “Embrace the Martian” and I started coming around to CuDI’s sound and swag. I finally got around to downloading CuDI’s mixtape sponsored by 10.Deep (not a bad look, right? better than Mountain Dew…sorry Mikey/Chuck, it’s the truth). Tracks like “Man on the Moon” borrow from several genres and strike that rare balance between song and rhyme–it’s slightly reminiscent of K-os and K’naan. You have to expect an overdose of “I’m different, like nothing you’ve ever heard” rhetoric because he’s trying to establish a niche for himself and I’m sure he’s been hated on/scapegoated for breaking people’s expectations and feels like he has something to prove to the world. To his credit, the mixtape proved to be a breath of fresh air and I can’t stop listening to it (real catchy hooks “Day N’ Nite” and “The Prayer” in particular). I enjoyed the sense of humor of tracks like “Pillow Talk” that are plain ridiculous (“you probably think I’m shady, yea girl I know/ and you smell good just like some new shoes” LOL). It reminded me of Ma$e’s “Jealous Guy” track for some reason. If that was supposed to be serious I wouldn’t be surprised, I guess every artist has their “Mind Sex” track? Who knows. As CuDI always says: “Real recognize Real” and like all hiphopisms, that doesn’t mean much of anything but we feel you, CuDI. Maybe some of y’all should try and get him to come to Wes for spring fling before he blows the eff up? He seems to be quite the performer. Here’s some footage from his mixtape release party via Headbangamuzik. Now, watch this + go DOWNLOAD IT!!!:¬†

One Response to “A Kid Named CuDI”
  1. Joob says:

    I’m feeling the new release 10 deep x CuDI

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