Muir Woods Adventure


Yesterday was my first time driving over the Golden Gate since I got here 3 months ago (weird, right?) and it was the perfect opportunity given the gorgeous weather (summer is still going strong here). Nati, Pat and I used our Saturday to check out Muir Woods in Mill Valley– over 554 acres of forested area. Mill Valley is the perfect weekend getaway spot to escape Frisco fog and herds of smelly, annoying city folk although it’s eerily utopian (minus all the rich white people although I prefer the extreme sports/outdoorsy types over the suburban gas guzzler types). The drive to Muir Woods is windy and beautiful, I like to close my eyes and breathe in all the aromas of eucalyptus and fresh air. On our way down, I noticed a lot of jeeps, SUVs and corvettes– an intense contrast with Mother Nature. At least it’s a little bit more practical to drive those kinds of cars if you actually live in rugged environments and not the suburbs of New England. When we finally arrived, the place was packed. A few European tourists here and there but it was mostly populated by regulars: married couples, large South Asian families with baby strollers, packs of Filipino kids talking about how some kid named Ahmir was “definitely” the “most popular dude” in their class and a handful of Asian/White couples on awkward first-ish dates and older Japanese men with real classy wooden canes and safari hats (hmm, sounds familiar…Dad). We walked around different trails, saw a few wild deers, hunted for mushrooms and interesting looking fungus, gawked at the sheer size of red woods, and hiked up the hillside until we got tired and turned around. All in all, a satisfying and much needed trip to Muir Woods. You definitely have to check it out if/when you come visit. Here are some of the things we saw along the way (it’s more beautiful in person):

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