That’s a photographic still from Bjork’s epic video “Wanderlust” that premiered at Deitch Studios back in March. Basically, I’m obsessed with every aspect of the video especially the creative geniuses behind its production that go by the baller name of Encyclopedia Pictura who “shot Wanderlust in 3D with a custom made stereoscopic camera rig and a mix of live action, puppets, scale models, and computer generated animation”. Impressive. Together they conceived and executed one of the most imaginative parallel worlds and video sets EVER! Gothamist elaborates that Wanderlust, “features Bjork surfing down a river winding through a Himalayan landscape on the back of some kind of woolly yak, while a clay doppelganger bursts from her backpack to grapple with her and a quasi-Tibetan demon coaxes her toward the edge of a waterfall. Then things get really far out.” I couldn’t have said it any better. Things get really, really far out. The truth is: I can’t stop watching the video and every time I watch it, I notice something new and different. Back in the day, my classical guitar instructor Adam would duck out on our weekly lessons for impromptu trips to Iceland to record and perform with Bjork and her entire effin’ symphony. Jealous doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt…although, it eventually came back to me when I got the ill hook up to one of her extravagant shows in Boston (when she was preggers) and it blew my mind. Homegirl was jumping off of speakers, primal screaming into the microphone and head banging with the band. I was convinced she absorbed/absorbs all things cool. Meanwhile, I was laughing at this circle of stereotypical jocks seated next to me and my sister who were drunkenly “singing along”…I’m convinced no one can sing along to Bjork, believe me I’ve tried. It’s fun but a certified hot mess. Anyway, I’ve always loved her (and Matthew Barney’s) music videos and this is no exception. They have a rare appreciation for pretty and raw things. Who can hate that? Please be sure to watch the video here, the youtube version does a major disservice to everyone who busted their asses on this project:

Saul Williams latest release “DNA” is similarly strange and entrancing. When Saul finally came to Wesleyan two years ago, he listed Bjork as a significant source of inspiration for his work. He even argued “Bjork is hip hop”. Clearly, he wasn’t being all that serious but interesting point nonetheless (definitely beats his infamous “Katrina is fucked up” drop). At the risk of overwhelming you with “strange stuff”, I actually think these two videos make a provocative and complimentary pair/ing. The vocoder or whatever the fuck it’s called in this next video is effin’ scary but I’m definitely diggin’ it:

Ok, it’s a bit corny but wait, let’s just end with one more fly flick of Bjork:

Better yet, let’s end with this: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LASHAWN!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

One Response to “WANDERLUST”
  1. Sheezy says:

    hahahaha…love you dearly booface

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