As I’ve said in the past, I have a soft spot for my girl Kid Sister and she’s at it again with her not-so-new-but-still-bangin’ release “Hit Me On My Beeper“. Granted I don’t know a single person who fucks with beepers anymore (I mean I know this whole “throw back” look is in but damn let’s not front like we be blowing up on our sidekicks/blackberrys/iphones AND our beepers?!?!), the joint is as playful, silly and lighthearted as most of Kid Sister’s music comes and I love it!!! I remember one day last summer when Brian and I were working at Villains and this hyphy Filipino cat walked in the store boasting his sidekick on a neon green lanyard with an obnoxiously large beeper sitting on the rim of his neon fitted (nevermind his completely over-the-top hiphopster getup). It was absolutely ridiculous and Brian actually asked him if the beeper worked and I don’t recall his response but I’m pretty sure it was a shrug of the shoulders (typical). Of course, Kid Sister pulls off the whole beeper look better than that fool and I might have to find and recreate the outfit she rocks in this video because I’m surriously feeling it. She’s making the rest of us look bad and we can’t have that, right ladies? Please spare me the “this ‘aint real hip hop” speech, it’s played out:

“And you not gon’ get none because you paged me 69!” (LMAO)


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