My favorite one stop shop for Streetwear out here in Frisco, True Clothing, just got a new shipment of Nooka watches and my broke @$$ has never been more depressed to pass up an opportunity to cop new fly accessories. You would think I’d be ready to retire my gold Nixon watch after over a year of wear but I’m planning on rocking it until it ticks no more. However, for any of you 9 to 5ers with extra cash to spend on fresh gear you should check out Nooka products for an interesting flavor. I’m guessing the abstract aesthetic is either a hit or miss for most people. I personally dig the watch interfaces and diverse range of bands from leather to mesh to neon plastics. I know some cats have a compulsion to match their watches with their outfits (damn, y’all must be loaded) so Nooka gives you an infinite number of permutations to choose from. For sure, Nooka is not for the more practical consumers who simply want a watch that tells time. I’m not that kind of consumer…Check out the catalogue for pricing info and y’know just to guiltlessly browse. If I were ballin’ I’d be scoping these:

Yummy. Gold! Lots of gold! Here’s the backstory on Nooka via True’s blog:

“Nooka is the brainchild of artist and designer, Matthew Waldman. In 1997 Matthew had a flash-back to a first grade math class while staring at a large wall clock in a london hotel and was struck by how few option there were for time display. he then sketched his ideas for potential designs on a napkin and brought them back to new york. after working on the designs, he submitted them to his legal team, and indeed, the were unique enough to patent. The linear and graphic representation of time with nooka timepieces presents a more intuitive way to view time. the visual mass increases as time passes, giving weight to an ephemeral and abstract concept. Once you’re used to the new visual paradigm, you may never go back to standard analog and digital time displays for your wrist.”

Btdubs: True is having another blow out sale starting tomorrow, who’s down?


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