Via Fake Shore Drive here are the new drops, cop ’em before they disappear:

The Cool Kids: “Wasting Time”
The Cool Kids: “Fresher Than You”

Peep the video for “Delivery Man” while you’re at it…you’re welcome

(Sidenote: not to be a hater but I’m filling up my cool kids quota hella fast, the beats are still fire but the word play is getting a bit stale and predictable and mountain dew sponsored joints should be like war: not. an. option. Ha, you probably thought I was going to say “last resort” but I don’t play that. It’s all love to Mikey and Chuck but I might take a breather, take a break. What about y’all: Had your fill or still hungry?)

(Sidenote Forreal Forreal: tangentially, my back legit hurts from assembling an IKEA Malm Dresser that I copped under pressure after having bad luck with craigslist and sidewalk shopping. that shit was extra labor intensive for no reason? and what’s really good with the price increases at the alleged “cheap” stores for “everyday” American consumers like IKEA and H&M, nothing makes sense anymore. wall street in shambles. another hurricane. sarah palin’s existence. and the intense and potent IKEA odor that lingers in my room…hopefully the nagchamps will air it out…cot damn)

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