I feeeeeeeeel you homieeee! Following suit from John Stewart’s brilliant bit on Palin’s crash course in foreign policy vis-a-vis Wikipedia, Gibson unearthed Palin’s reliance on sound bites, political cliches and party lines. I know, that’s nothing new but let’s be honest about Obama’s legit ability to hold his own ground (even with folks like O’Reily who can no longer defame his character after sitting down with him for significant “dialogues” aka inquisitions). The man is spontaneous, charming, and funny but he also occasionally drifts from empty rhetoric and explores NEW linguistic terrains for politicians and for that we are grateful! In the words of the resident nut job Kucinich “WAKE UP AMERICA!”. Watch that interview at least twice, if you’re still remotely invested in Palin (as in you believe she would be an appropriate presidential candidate), I have nothing to say to you besides: WORK IT OUT!!! And do it swiftly, we only have 60 days. Y’all may think I’m being harsh on her, that there’s some effed self-hating sexism bull$hit at play and if so you’re wrong and fishing for stupid excuses to delay staring TRUTH in the FACE. Pheeeew, had to get that off my chest…Gibson, I understand fully why folks have been thirsty for this interview. Well done. Slam mothereffin’ dunk. (Also: my new nails are the business. That’s right my swagger is on 100,000 trillion and I owe it to King Nails Salon in Daly City. Pictures to come ASAP). The weekend is one day away, let’s get it poppin’!!!

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