Fuck the Police, Fuck the Paparazzi

If you haven’t already heard, Kanye and his peoples took on a worthwhile fight with the Paparazzi today (as every celebrity has and must at some point in their career). Why do people underestimate the likes of Yeezy and Bjork to kick some serious Paparazzi @$$? It goes way beyond a violation of privacy, it’s the most foul and parasitic form of voyeurism that exists. This is exactly why I can’t get down with magazines and even sites like TMZ that would be put out of business if beef like what went down at airport security between Kanye and those invasive idiots didn’t happen. Everyone wants to use this opportunity to make a corny joke or pun off of “Love Lockdown” instead of talking about the legitimate issues with the entertainment INDUSTRY and it’s demands for bull$hit like this. Not saying you can’t do both but damn do you really think this one is on Kanye? The fact that he got arrested for defending his rights speaks VOLUMES about where we’re at as a nation. Nowhere, where we’ve always been. Maybe I’m taking this ish too seriously but if the bottom line is always “angry black man” then I’m thinking everyone else is just taking this ish too lightly. So much for that post-racial world everyone seems to be living in? Thanks to Miss Info and the good folks over at Twitter, I had the chance to peep the following transcription of the events and it gives you necessary insight into what went down from Kanye’s perspective. Check it out right here. A big Fuck You to Paparazzi and the newsmedia that keeps constructing them as some poor, passive victims. We’re not buying it. On a sidenote though, Kanye’s spot was sorely blown up today because homie’s blog was being updated throughout this entire altercation. The tooth fairy doesn’t exist. Kanye doesn’t update his blog. These are things we just gotta accept and work through, ya dig? Also, if you read the transcript you’ll discover that Kanye “hates ugly shit”. That’s just plain funny. 

One Response to “Fuck the Police, Fuck the Paparazzi”
  1. SH says:

    Isa, come on. Kanye and Don C wilded out. They are two (hooded) black males on an airport on 9/11. I mean…some judgment needs to exercised…no?

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