Seven Years Later

“The more things change, the more they stay the same”

Today marks the 7th Anniversary of 9/11 and look at where we find ourselves now. Seven years later, there’s a decent chance that Sarah Palin could one day (in the near future) be pronounced President of the United States of America. No one wants to (publicly) address the mortality of McCain from the Republican camp and yet it remains a serious variable in this election. I’ve already shared my two cents on Palin and I’m not surprised that the game has turned even uglier and pettier than I initially predicted. I mean this whole “lipstick” scandal is plain absurd (esp. considering it’s one of McCain’s favorite colloquialisms) and you can tell how much these publicity stunts and obnoxious derailments enrage Obama. It’s a fucking metaphor, people. I told myself I would put off becoming a jaded cynic Wesleyan grad but damn these soulless newsmedia people are driving me to my wits end. On particularly bad days, I get duped by the newspapers and bloggers and “journalists” and start to believe less and less in my fellow man. I start to believe that most people care more about hockey moms than healthcare. Granted there’s an undeniable elitism built into this critique because I will never be able to “identify” with someone like Sarah Palin because I don’t come from a small town where we boast American flag bikinis and rifles but SHIT!!! this election is BANANAS! (Yeah, that’s my sound political argument). Speaking of intellectual elitism, I want to pass this video along from the good folks over at You WIldin‘ (a must read blog, please peep it) of Matt Damon’s two cents on Palin. To be sure: celebrities being empowered politicians is one of my biggest pet peeves and the truth is as smart as Damon’s analysis is I can honestly say I’ve heard similar if not identical renditions of it from all of you and countless strangers on the Muni and Bart but unfortunately I don’t have any of that raw footage so watch this:

He’s right though, it’s a freaking Disney movie and it truly is a terrifying possibility. He’s right, the humor wore off…she’s not funny anymore and the dinosaur tip is mad real– what’s really gooooooood Sarah? What do y’all think? Share your two cents. In the meantime, I’ll be in Daly City at the salon getting my nails did, holler at me!

One Response to “Seven Years Later”
  1. Jills says:

    What’s up with McCain’s camp- did they do any research on this woman? Didn’t they scour the far reaches of Alaska to see if there were any photos of Palin in a fucking America bikini toting a huge ass gun? Or- are they totally into this? It’s not even the bikini that stresses me out, they sell those at Old Navy and I’m sure Obama has some USA swim trunks – it’s the background of this photo that I have questions about. Does the kid drinking the beer in the background have a gun too? Are they swimming with fire arms? Hunting duck?

    ugh, and i just found out that john mccain went to my high school and the alumni office is terribly proud. ugh.


    i think i’m going to be perpetually stressed out until this election is over– and then who knows, maybe my head will explode

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