Exact Change

Sign look familiar? (Scroll down 3 entries). It looks like Miss Jack Davey isn’t the only performer out of Los Angeles spreading the good word of “Peace In Iraq”. Word up! That’s Bambu AKA Buck Taylor straight out of the Watts community in Los Angeles. I was first introduced to this emcee back in summer 2005 at the Asian American Spoken Word Summit in Boston (holla!). At that point, Bambu was part of rap duo Native Guns with emcee Kiwi Illafonte. I still bump their old ish all the time. Before calling it quits in 2007, Native Guns put out one full-length studio album and two solid mixtapes: Stray Bullets Mixtape Vol. 1 (2004), Barrel Men (2006) and Stray Bullets Mixtape Vol. 2 (2007). I would’ve been more upset about their break up had I not already anticipated two worthwhile solo projects…which brings me to the present! Today, Bambu’s second solo album “Exact Change” drops and as someone who still plays his first release “I scream bars for the children” on heavy rotation, I am mosdefinitely looking forward to the new ish. Bambu pushes the narrow limits of “conscious” hip hop or “political rap” and simply put: he makes good music. I always get down with his choice of beats (aka choice of producers) and the risks him and Kiwi take with language (using Taglish– a mix of Tagalog and English). If you’re thirsty for some new shit, hit Bambu up and go cop “Exact Change”. (It should be said that he reps the Bay by way of his badass wifey Eyeasage (also a dope lyricist and journalist) who was born and raised in Frisco, woop woop! She recently gave birth to their beautiful baby boy, support loving families!)

I’ll break you off with this sneak preview before I go to bed: CLICK ME

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