From Hipster to Hippie

With summer finally here, everyone is yearning for any and all opportunities to spend their days bathing in the sun…and dancing without abandon at miscellaneous reggae and world music outdoor festivals. Lucky for us, the Bay has no shortage of free concerts and today marked the 10th annual Power to the Peaceful festival @ Golden Gate Park with headliners Ziggy Marley, Michael Franti and Spearhead. After being in Frisco long enough to acclimate to the culture of communal harmony and contagious hippy vibes, I’m growing largely immune to the eccentricities of these multiracial lovefests…In fact, I’m thoroughly enjoying it! Believe it or not, I miss east coast pretension and empty posturing less and less these days. It’s true, I might be turning soft but I really wouldn’t have it any other way. Rather than summarize the day in exhaustive detail (and our 11 mile epic pilgrimage because Frisco public transportation is bogus and unreliable), I thought I’d let my pictures tell the story for once:

Hippies on psychedelics dancing in trees, America’s poster children clapping atop their proud parent’s shoulders, smiling dogs, buddhist prayer flags, larger than life dream catchers made of recycled materials, beautiful best friend and sister in well lit photographs, I mean shit it was a good time! As you can tell in the crowd shots, there were tens of thousands of people crammed in that one park and unfortunately we couldn’t all fit on the buses and trains back home so…we decided to walk miles and miles home. Here’s what we saw/did along the way:

Colorful old school cars, neon green Japanese made motorcycles, bright yellow smart cars, ubiquitous San Francisco hills, Asian convenient stores and mini-marts, elegant gates, and generic Bank Of America ATMs…not bad for a 7 or so mile trek across SF! Although we did make one (very necessary) stop over at the People’s Cafe on upper Haight (right near True) to grab a bite to eat and wash our hands clean of the day’s dirt and grime. Eventually (hours later and by nightfall) we arrived back home! That last pic is of Ana posing in the lobby of our apartment building…is it not reminiscent of the set for a 1970s porno flick? I’m just saying, it’s pretty tight! Well, that was my Saturday, I’m looking forward to Sunday brunch and another day in the park. I was planning on checking out Kid Cudi tonight @ Temple but my body aches badly and I’ve already mentally retired for the night. Are these signs of early domestication? Blogging on a Saturday night? Yikes, help a girl out + come visit, our couch is maaaaaad comfortable. Love to you all. Forreal, forreal.

2 Responses to “From Hipster to Hippie”
  1. ana says:

    You didn’t take a picture of the pet duck???

    (ps-oy. that last picture. look real vulgar. thanks boo.)

  2. Jills says:

    It looks like summer is still going strong out west…

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