Typical Diddy

Those of you who know me already know my feelings towards Diddy. Those of you who don’t know me can probably infer my feelings towards Diddy. He’s a joke. A very funny, entertaining, arrogant and rich joke. Trust me, this is not a highly contested opinion. As his latest “vlog” (video blog), brought to you by DiddyTV, illustrates: even Diddy agrees! But wait, let me catch you up to speed. Diddy released an undeniably hilarious vlog hating hardbody on Sarah Palin and John McCain’s decision making. Why? Because she’s the governor of Alaska and “there aren’t even crackheads in Alaska”. smh…Touche, Diddy…it’s a wonder why CNN or MSNBC haven’t recruited him for one of their performance troupes (read: political analyst teams). Can you imagine that? Yes, yes you can. Unfortunately, Diddy or someone at Bad Boy took the original video down and replaced it with this bull$hit apology, Diddy be buggin’ out!!!:

Oh snap, exactly who does Diddy think Diddy is? I think SOHH Reckless says it best

“In the below video, Diddy is apologizing to Republican vice prez hopeful Sarah Palin, Alaska– the state that nobody gives a sh*t about– and the rest of the Republican party for the “harsh” commentary he spread throughout the blogosphere. But in all seriousness, nobody gave a flying f*ck about anything Diddy said about these people.

Looking at this video and the way he’s carrying on, it’s totally blatant that he’s acting. How corny are you to pretend you received pressure from the Republicans in order to make it seem like you’re that important? And John McCain is wearing Depends and needs help wiping his ass and is probably on his way out, so the last thing he’s thinking about is some stupid “rapper’s” opinion. Seriously.

But then again, Bush canceled his appearance at the St. Paul, Minnesota convention out of respect for the victims of “Hurricane Gustav.” Kanye said it best: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Now all of a sudden Bush and his party care so deeply for the victims in Louisiana that they put off their convention? Wow. Kanye really opened their eyes! They really do care about poor blacks! Or was it because of the rioting? … [silence for emphasis].”

Ah yes, that’s the sarcasm I love. But then again, maybe me and SOHH are in the wrong because Diddy seems to be making headlines. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not operating under the illusion that my political opinion is important to anyone besides me…although I might add some Diddy theatrics in the future because shit, nothing is more ridiculous than the RNC and the drama of American politics. Thanks Diddy but no thanks…now let’s roll one of Affion Crockett‘s brilliant Diddy/Making The Band spoofs:

“Y’all not gettin’ NAKED on the track, playboys!!!” LMAO

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