Landing Gear

Houston’s own Devin The Dude (born Devin Copeland) is gearing up for his solo album Landing Gear to drop October 7th (mark your calendars) and I can’t WAIT which is why I decided to share the promo pics and videos circulating on the blogosphere with y’all to help build more hype and kill some time. I still remember Bolds putting me on to Devin back in the prefrosh days and we’d all spend hours buggin’ out over “Waiting to Inhale” and “To Tha X-treme”. Sigh, I think I just got a bit nostalgic right thurr. Anyway, four years later, I’m just as enamored by this strange looking oddball emcee and you should be too. Here’s a preview of what we can expect next month:

That’s straight from Devin’s MySpace + one of the fresh(er) Promo pics out there

That’s a convincing pitch, right? It’s also the second of two certifiably absurd promo videos Devin posted on youtube for Landing Gear. You gotta admit, “High Y’all Doing” is one clever @$$ name. Last but not least, the following youtube is of one my all time favorite joints featuring Andre 3000 and Snoop “What a Job” dedicated to Lucas because I know he loves it as much as I do and that’s what’s really good.

Devin’s verse:

Drankin’ yet I’m thinking of another rhyme
Smokin’ hoping that some bad news will come some other time
Cause I’m trying to do what I love, I love what I do
This music is something mo’ different than the weed and the brew
That’s why we mashin’ we ain’t asking for nothing we working for it
Push it peddle it to the people they can’t ignore it, this is for
All the independents, a few major labels
The big studios who still give niggas favors
On the mixin’ and mastering, puzzlin’ and plastering the tracks together
On tapes, CDs, wax or whatever
This is for all the engineers who smoke weed
Can’t forget about the production costs and all the hidden fees
For another rhyme written, we spend time spittin’ in the booth
Sometimes it’s like a pigeon coop
But it’s all for the cause so I’m
Gonna continue to MC and smoke weed, you know I’m

You need landing gear where Devin be at…fasho

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