I Wish Your Wish

“I wish your wish” or “Eu desejo o seu desejo” (2003) is a work by Brazilian artist Rivane Neuenschwander (can you imagine having that name?) in which 12,000 wishes are silkscreened onto textile ribbons and placed into small drilled holes in a gallery wall. The piece “invites visitors to find a wish that articulates their own yearnings, and to leave behind a wish of their own” (CCA). Inspired by an eighteenth century church in Brazil where worshipers take a ribbon and wrap it around their wrist, tying three knots and making a wish with each one. Eventually the 12,000 wishes of gallery goers are collected and recycled back into the piece over time. Each and every visitor is encouraged to take a wish and add a new one. At the end of the exhibit, the wishes are collected and re-printed for the next showing. The idea is that when the ribbon falls off or tears apart the wish finally comes true! I should mention that I was just introduced to this piece moments ago at the opening for “The Wizard of Oz” an exhibition presented by the California College of Art (CCA) Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts. Here’s a closer look at the wishes:

“The Wizard of Oz features works by 22 international artists. It takes as its starting point L. Frank Baum’s classic novel, examining ideas of home and place, the relationship between art and literature, and America’s cultural and social fabric. Several of the artists are presenting new pieces that have been specially conceived in response to the book; others are represented by existing artworks related to one of the book’s themes: dislocation, home, family, utopia, mortality, machines, witches, illusions, anxieties, rich and poor, good and evil. The exhibition includes sculpture, film, video, drawing, photography, and a range of historical memorabilia, and it is accompanied by a full-color, 76-page catalog.” — CCA Press Release

Oh and guess what? Glenn Ligon‘s “America” piece was featured in the exhibit directly across from Neuenschwander’s “I wish your wish”. It was without a doubt my favorite room. I spent at least half an hour reading over all the wishes in every possible color scheme until I settled on “I wish to be financially secure“. I was tempted to pick a more poetic one like “I wish I didn’t wish” or “I wish to desire” but given my current situation, I thought it’d be wisest to go for the most practical and literal wish. Here I am showing it off (I’ll let you know if I ever find financial security…god willing!

It even matched my outfit! Anyway, I really loved her piece and I find that simple yet thoughtful contemporary art never fails to amuse (interaction is a must). I’ll have to do more thorough research on her and get back to you. Hope everyone’s first day of school/work wasn’t too miserable…??? Oh and last but certainly not least:

I’m wishing Steve a very happy birthday!

One Response to “I Wish Your Wish”
  1. Jillian says:

    that’s really beautiful, woah

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