Official Girl

As much as I hate on Cassie and Lil’ Wayne for being all hype and no substance (which I stand by), their new joint “Official Girl” is the type of catchy r&b track that I can get down with. I sincerely don’t understand how her torso can be so long and flat? I also recently discovered that Cassie is Filipina, Mexican and Black. Woop, woop. Check it out (and yes Sara’o, I know it’s corny haha) and catch the addiction (RLES!)

“I’m so stylish, so bossy. It’d be a shame to say you lost me.”

3 Responses to “Official Girl”
  1. trendology says:

    Nah boo, I refuse to get down with this jam. Refuse. But you’re right about her torso, it’s ridonk.

  2. bugginout says:

    lol the song is total trash but can’t you imagine hearing me blasting this in my room mad loud???

  3. ana says:

    oh my god isaaaaaaaaaa……… i’m SO glad this didn’t come out when we were living together…..

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