Art Files: Marc Bamuthi Joseph

Bornday: Scorpio, 32 years old Birthplace: Queens, New York Medium: Performance (hip hop theatre, spoken word, oral tradition, movement) Alma Mater: Morehouse College Relevant Themes: Fatherhood, identity, diaspora, immigration, hip hop It was 2004, the night before the second inauguration of George W. Bush and Lisa and I took a trip to New York City … Continue reading

Daddy Yankee’s Energy Independence

Damn yo, just when I thought American politics couldn’t get anymore absurd DADDY mothereffin’ YANKEE publicly endorses John McCain!!! This type of shit reminds us that you can’t script life better than it already is: McCain speaking against a back drop of anxious screaming teenage girls (obviously under the voting age) at Phoenix’s Central High School knowing full … Continue reading

Finally: Monae in NYC

WHO: Janelle Monae and Raphael Saadiq WHAT: the guaranteed BEST music experience of your lifetime WHERE: Highline Ballroom, NEW YORK CITY WHEN: TODAY Wednesday, August 27 @ 8:30 PM Your chance to witness the Monae/Saadiq madness has finally arrived. To all my New York friends, do whatever it takes to get a ticket and push your … Continue reading

The Real World Brooklyn

“In a press release that leads with “A tree isn’t the only thing growing in Brooklyn!,” our fine network has announced that the next season of that godfather of reality series, “The Real World,” will begin filming this summer…in Brooklyn. In Brooklyn!! Now, we’re not part of the exalted team that actually decides high-power things like … Continue reading

Spare Change

I was getting bored and frustrated with the old “one column” template so I gave in and switched. I hope y’all can get down with this new look??? It should improve site navigation and access to the blogroll, HOLL@! Let me know your thoughts/feelings, I’m open to anything and y’all have been so quiet lately, … Continue reading

Art Files: Gilbert and George

Bornday: September 11, 1943 + January 8, 1942 Birthplace: San Martin, Italy + Devon, England Medium: Mixed Media (performance art + photo-montages) Alma Mater: St Martins School of Art  Relevant Themes: Absurdity, sexuality, sex, anatomy My sister recently introduced me to this wonderfully eccentric duo and I’ve been hooked ever since. Our apartment is currently decked out with a … Continue reading

Fine Design: Tala Bouzarjomehri

Meet some of my glorious friends: Lashawn, Miles, Dan, Tala, and Alex. It turns out the Real World is not this well dressed but lucky for me, my world is. Lashawn and Tala recently put together a fashion show and fundraiser “Her Story” in New York where Tala showcased some of her fresh @$$ designs. As … Continue reading

Art Files: Alexis Peskine

Bornday: September 29, 1979 Birthplace: Paris, France Medium: Mixed Media (installation, video/digital, photography) Alma Mater: Howard University + Maryland Institute College of Art Relevant Themes: Race/racism, identity, representation and immigration I had the pleasure of meeting Peskine at Wesleyan’s own student of color art show “Skittles” (hosted by my dear friends Kristin Juarez and Micaela Anaya). … Continue reading

Art Files: Glenn Ligon

Bornday: April 20, 1960 Birthplace: Bronx, New York Medium: Mixed Media (painting, video/digital, silkscreening, photography) Alma Mater: Wesleyan University + Rhode Island School of Design  Relevant Themes: Race, sexuality, identity, representation and language I first encountered Ligon’s work in the beginning throws of my thesis when I was looking to be inspired in everything and … Continue reading

Green Light

At last, the highly anticipated video for John Legend + Andre 3000’s “Green Light” has officially dropped.  I need to find a party like this ASAP. Who’s with me? Of course, the real couple of the moment is Obama/Biden ’08. Let’s get it.