The Glow


Mos Def: “The Glow”

Yessir, that’s certified new shit! At the moment, Mos is in the studio with Outkast producer Mr. DJ banging out some more brilliance for our ears. In addition to putting out “The Glow”, Mos partnered up with Philly based clothing brand UNDRCRWN on the Watermelon Syndicate project — a collection of limited edition apparel. The line officially dropped on June 28 at Carnegie Hall alongside Mos Def’s unveiling of Amino Alkaline: The Watermelon Syndicate. Mos pulled out all the stops with a complete orchestra accompaniment. The collection is already available at Karmaloop. Click here to listen to an exclusive interview with Mos explaining the inspiration behind the whole thing (I apologize ahead of time for subjecting you to more Karmaloop VJ douchebaggery). Here’s a sneak preview of the goods:


“Scared of what? Me and mines aint scared of much”

Lastly, do yourselves a favor and peep Mos’s freestyle over the “a millie” beat.


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