The Good Life

I need to take a break from unpacking! While all y’all spend the long weekend ballin’ out of control back at Wes (shout out to Mikey and Lashawn!) or at some remote beach, I’ll be holed up in the apartment with my sister and her boyfriend setting up our soon-to-be-fly cribbo. I’ll be sure to post pictures when we’re all done (not that you really care but whatevuh). In the meantime, I thought I’d update everyone on really boring details of my life, woop woop. Let’s begin:

You would never guess purchasing a sofa would be SO effin’ impossible, consider yourselves warned. Not only are sofas a pricey investment, the majority of sofas out there (and trust me, we’ve seen the whole range) are unbelievably ugly or completely impractical. There is a strip of home furnishing warehouses in downtown Frisco that sell the tackiest “designer” sofas I’ve ever seen and still cost over a thousand $$$. Absurd. THANKFULLY, we found this tight furniture spot on market st. right by our apartment that sells chic looking pieces on super SALE (I love summer clearances). We settled on the off white color because it’s micro fiber so we can take stains out easily with soap and water (or those bleach pens they sell for really anal people like us). After going almost 2 months without a couch or anywhere to sit, having one feels like the ultimate luxury. While it’s a certified pain in the a$$ to furniture shop, I recommend expanding beyond IKEA because you can find better prices for better products. Word up! Onto the next riveting update…

My box of shoes finally arrived! I’m too broke to buy new kicks and all I packed was a pair of steve madden sandals and another pair of flats (not enough traction to hike up these hills). After seeing practically every other person rocking converse, I’ve been anxiously awaiting my all black and off white high tops! To celebrate, I went on an 8 mile walk and the hills were manageable for the first time. I love life again!

I have a kitty! Nati and Pat brought Orlando with them and as you can see, he’s having no trouble adjusting to west coast living. The old apartment in Queens was an effin’ hole in the wall and I think he’s enjoying all the space. His new favorite pass time is playing with shadows on the wall (yeah, cats are easily entertained). I don’t think he’s ever seen a shadow because their old apartment had absolutely no light (oh, the things we compromise to live in New York!). Anyway, I forgot how centering animals are!

I caved in to the fucked up feather trend. I know, it’s more strange than anything else but it’s a nice break from heavy fake gold and the blues and greens make my brown hair POP! Pretty soon we’ll all be on that Niggy Tardust tip no matter how hard we try to deny it…or am I projecting? Yes, I am. By the way, that black thing is actually a place mat I bought at Ikea and turned into a classy earring holder. Resourceful, right?

My ear looks really weird. Oh well. So, two weeks ago the shades I bought on St. Marks back in January literally disintegrated off my face (wtf?!). I mean, I know $10 sun glasses are cheap but come on! So, I was tempted to invest in real shades but I just can’t afford that right now. Long story short, I re-bought the same pair in black AND! as you all know, I neeeeed my door knockers to survive. After a tireless search, I finally found a spot on upper haight that sells them for cheap (but I still plan on stocking the eff up when I go back to NY for the holidays). There are definitely days when I miss SoHo… an unbeatable shopping experience. Well that’s all for right now, I have to get back to unpacking. Sidenote: I can’t stop listening to this Raphael Saadiq feat. Teedra Moses track “Chic“! It’s so smoooth! Bang that ish in the whips you don’t have! And once again, thanks for all the love everyone’s been showing me for Buggin’ Out. I miss you all real bad!!! I can’t wait to reunite, mad love to you and yours.

3 Responses to “The Good Life”
  1. Sheezy says:

    I wish I had a place to kick it…couch hunting sucks but apartment hunting is a fucking headache and a half

  2. trendology says:

    New gear, a kitty, a couch, and sunny California – I’m jealous.

  3. Care says:

    Chic is my shit, right? The apt is looking beautiful by the way.

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