Bang This In The Whip


T.I., Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne + Jay-Z “Swagger Like Us”

To be honest, I think this track is seriously overrated. I understand that the line up is ridiculous but the flows don’t always compliment the beat. Don’t get me wrong. I can appreciate the effort and I love hip hop collaborations (read: each artist recording separately in the studio) but yeah, no one on the corner has swagger like us!

Francis and the Lights “The Top”

I may be partial to Francis and the Lights because one of my best friends Rene (aka Treal Tre of Bay Life fame) recently joined the group but the fact is: Francis is the shit. This joint is straight fire. I can honestly say these dudes have produced a unique sound and mastered an endearingly eccentric aesthetic that frankly just WORKS. I’m hooked. 

Santogold “Lights Out”

Santi is on heavy rotation this week (last week, the week before that etc). I also want to promote interesting music videos (rare finds). I’m absolutely in love with Top Ranking and I highly recommend Diplo’s “Light’s Out” Panda Bear Remix. Be sure to cop that mixtape, you won’t be disappointed. 

John Legend feat. Andre 3000 “Green Light”

Hands down best banger of the week. I already dedicated an entire entry to this video alone but it deserves another shout. Where is this party? Why wasn’t I invited? When will 3000 confess his undying love for me? I have a lot of questions. I love these dapper fellas. Please gentlemen (as in y’all), step your game up.

Sam Sparro “Black and Gold”

This has been on heavy rotation this summer. Catchy tune. Personally, I love the acoustic version available on Hype Machine. Check it out.

Rihanna “Disturbia”

I know, I know but this shit is HELLA addictive. I love Rihanna, she’s doing the damn thing. This video legitimately freaks me out but who else can pull this off?

That’s all for this week! Kick off labor day right!

2 Responses to “Bang This In The Whip”
  1. SH says:

    A. Rihanna only made the “bangers of the week” because you love Chris Brown. Oh, how twisted your mind is Isa…the masochism!

    B. The MIA sample on “Swagger like Us” is effed up. Kanye needs to adjust the pitch a tad…Listen, there’s something weird…

  2. bugginout says:

    holy shit sam, you know me so well. I was dead ass gonna post chris brown’s “forever” but I got too embarrassed last minute…I should’ve known I was this transparent…and yeah, I see what you mean about the pitch, good looks. or good ears?

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