This Type Love

It’s another beautiful San Francisco summer day, a taste of what’s to come. Unfortunately, good weather makes me long for a good man. Alas, they are few and far between and I’m already too tired to play games. I just want a simple and steady life, ya dig? Until then, I plan on watching this classic performance by spoken word poet and resident sweetheart Shihan and living vicariously through his type love. If you’re ever in LA check him out at Spoken Funk and in the meantime reminisce on a simpler time:

A love poem by Assata Shakur:

I coulda told you,
in the old days,
in the park,
or skating down some hill
what it was all about.

I coulda sat next to you
on some stairway
and gave you half my bubblegum,
and, in between the bubbles
and the giggles
I coulda told you.

But we are grown up now.
And it is all so complicated
when you dig somebody.

Now, when i open up my crackerjacks,
I find no heart-shaped ring.
Only a puzzle
that i don’t wanna solve.

Amen. When did things get so complicated?

3 Responses to “This Type Love”
  1. amy says:

    word isa!!! you had a little shout out to that poem in your thesis, yeah? anyway, blog is great. hope all is well.

  2. Jillian says:

    yes yes to these words and phone date soon, for sure

  3. bugginout says:

    amy! I miss you girl, we need to catch up and yes I’m shouting out our prison seminar, woop woop.

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