Jeff Chang: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop


Phew, I have mad love for American journalist and Hip Hop critic Jeff Chang and this ill @$$ glamour shot of him! I’ll do a rapid fire run down of his major accomplishments for those of y’all who don’t know: Chang graduated from Iolani School in 1985, continued on to co-found Solesides record label while simultaneously DJing at a UC David college radio station alongside DJ Shadow and Blackalicious. In 2005 he published Can’t Stop Won’t Stop tracing the genealogy of Hip Hop for which he received an American Book Award (woop woop). Two years later, Chang came out with Total Chaos: The Art and Aesthetics of Hip-Hop, “an anthology of essays and interviews documenting the impact of hip hop beyond music and the ‘four elements'”.

Basically, Chang is a major player in Hip Hop and definitely holds it down for Asian Americans (that’s not why I like him but it’s definitely a plus)…which brings me to my central point: Chang is presently blogging about his experiences in Denver, Colorado at the Democratic National Convention (DNC). With the saturation of bull$hit blogs circulating the same boring 5 stories from the DNC, I thought I’d spread the word about Chang’s blog that provides excellent coverage of stories that no one else is telling. From nightmarish tales of militant Hilary supporters to inspiring ones of a spontaneous protest led by Boots Riley from The Coup, Chang is bringing us all a little bit closer to the action…and I’m not talking about the action CNN and MSNBC display of old white folks getting down to Stevie Wonder and U2 @ Mile High Stadium (although that ish is hilarious). Also, if you’re a Hip Hop head interested in what folks like Public Enemy and Flobots are doing/saying @ the DNC there’s an added incentive to check Chang out. So, what are you waiting for? Visit his blog here or on my blogroll to the left. Stay tuned for my thoughts on Obama’s epic speech tonight. Speaking of Hip Hop and Obama…

YOU got flow, Obeezy.

One Response to “Jeff Chang: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”
  1. Care says:

    “Hip Hop should not just be an image of what is. It should also be an image of what could be.” -Obams
    Loved it. And I loved the daps at the end too!

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