“No Drums, No Hook, just New Shit”

I want to overwhelm you with Jay Electronica until you’re forced to look him up and listen. You feel me? Don’t sleep on this dude, he might take longer to put out material than all these Internet savvy cats but his flow will grow on you if you’re patient and respect true lyricists who refuse to comprise their writing. I’m going to make it even easier this time around to check him out by downloading tracks. Stream “Act I: Eternal Sunshine” to hear J.Blaze + Badu’s poetic ruminations on Jay:

Jay ElectronicaAct I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)
Jay Electronica Trolley Stop
Jay ElectronicaHard to Get
Jay ElectronicaI Feel Good
Jay Electronica My World (Nas Salute)

“While you was blowing X amount of dollars on a braclet/ a soverign nation of france was opening they files on the ufo phenomenon, i.e. spaceships/ its just the facts jack may as well face it/ every rhyme I write can still get cracked in the chapter of revalations or adam get cracked in the blackness of meditation/ mysterious shit/ call me j dolgon im on some serious shit/ scholars wonder why dont he bust/ allah blessed me with a Midusy touch/ everything i lay to hands turn to Ethiopian gold shiny and buffed/ I got a firm understanding on the minus and plus/ so i aint got time to argue with a rapper bout how he aint got lines thats fucking with mines/ im trying to kill lucifer/ so if i have to break cause a rapper in my face telling me that he the great/ you can bet a shiny nickel ill blast his motherfucking ass way past jupiter/ couldnt be stupider/ fucking with the nuclear/ mayan, aztec lion/ aziatic black man from zion/ catch a quualude supreme letting off steam/ dimethyltryptamine make a man dream/ but yall would much rather hear me rapping about trash, the size or erykah’s a$$, blunt$ and ca$h/ WE NEED SAVING/ MINDS ARE CONSUMED WITH SWINE/ WE NEED BATHING

Are you convinced yet?

One Response to ““No Drums, No Hook, just New Shit””
  1. Kirya says:

    He’s definitely grwoing on me. Thanks for keepin’ me plugged in Isa!

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