Daddy Yankee’s Energy Independence


Damn yo, just when I thought American politics couldn’t get anymore absurd DADDY mothereffin’ YANKEE publicly endorses John McCain!!! This type of shit reminds us that you can’t script life better than it already is: McCain speaking against a back drop of anxious screaming teenage girls (obviously under the voting age) at Phoenix’s Central High School knowing full well that the chorus of “ohmigod, ohmigods” were meant exclusively for Daddy Yankee. I’m almost impressed that McCain found a celebrity who could match his atrocious speech making abilities. The most honest and interesting thing Daddy Yankee said was “Sup Mama?!” and that’s the truth. What kind of bull$hit is this? When any person of color willingly speaks on behalf of their elusive racial community like “The Latino Community” I want to smack them upside their head and this is no exception. Get it together, Daddy! You just alienated a significant amount of your fanbase and I think that might be a good thing. Peep the outrageous video:

“A campaign aide insisted McCain was under no allusions that Yankee’s biggest crossover hit “Gasolina” has anything to do with the energy independence policies he’s been touting on the campaign trail lately but rather a different kind of energy. (The anthem, when translated into English, includes the Yankee repeatedly saying of the unnamed subject of the song: “She likes gasoline!” To which a woman responds, “Give me more gasoline!”) The Daddy later joined McCain on his campaign plane en route to California, where the senator is presiding over finance events before heading to “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” Asked directly by the New York Times’ intrepid Michael Cooper what “Gasolina”really means, the star smiled and said, “Energy independence.” — excerpt from Newsweek article

Ooohhhh that’s what gasolina means…ARE YOU SERIOUS PEOPLE?! All I know is, if this homie wins, I’m out of here, forreal forreal.

4 Responses to “Daddy Yankee’s Energy Independence”
  1. trendology says:

    The Obama camp had the good sense to turn DY down when he approached them first.

  2. trendology says:

    I also wonder if Johnny and Daddy chatted about Puerto Rico’s voting status in between energy independence strategy meetings.

  3. bugginout says:

    I’m guessing the only political priority was “gasolina” and stuntin’ for horny 16 yr old girls lol

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