The Real World Brooklyn


“In a press release that leads with “A tree isn’t the only thing growing in Brooklyn!,” our fine network has announced that the next season of that godfather of reality series, “The Real World,” will begin filming this summer…in Brooklyn. In Brooklyn!!

Now, we’re not part of the exalted team that actually decides high-power things like “programming,” but we’d place a $200 million bet that, as massive as Brooklyn is, this show’s specifically hitting the hipster haven that is Williamsburg. W’burg, the bell tolls for you! Oh, how many local indie-rock shows will be completely ruined by the filming of…twelve full-hour episodes??” —MTV Newsroom, 2008

I know, I know. MTV’s disturbing announcement of the location for The Real World 21 is old news. I remember back at Wes when everyone thought I was crazy for predicting a fatal return to New York and a possible takeover of the already hijacked Brooklyn. You see, that’s precisely my point. Brooklyn is the epicenter of hispterdom especially when MTV targets Williamsburg in the hopes of orchestrating spectacular run-ins at “local indie-rock shows”. Enter Gawker. On May 13, they put into motion “Our Plan for The Real World Brooklyn” –an informal call to sabotage and expose the cast. In the meantime, Gawker documents any and all Real World sightings throughout the borough with the ultimate goal of “deflowering the Mormon” (har har). While the douchebaggery of Real World Brooklyn is not debatable and Gawker’s plan is truly hilarious, it seems to be too convenient and easy a target/scapegoat for the average Gawker reader who let’s be honest, is Brooklyn’s real problem. Pun intended. Perhaps instead of hunting down the “yokels and rubes” of “MTV’s drunken, disease-riddled dinosaur of a reality series”, they should be hunting down each other and give Brooklyn a long overdue break from all the heroine and sarcasm. The truth is these Real World bullies exploited BK way before MTV did…I guess my point is both of you are equally damaging. Please leave, or maybe it’s too late. Everyone’s already moving down South. Here we go again. At least some people are keeping their sense of humor about all of this (though there’s something strange about this dude, I secretly think he’s deada$$ the entire video, he says “real world” one too many times but it’s funny)



That’s the sign you should see…when you LEAVE brooklyn 🙂

2 Responses to “The Real World Brooklyn”
  1. trendology says:

    Hmm, this is troublesome.

  2. trendology says:

    Also, I wonder how many of our friends fall into this category.

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