What’s At Stake?

What’s at Stake: The Top 10 political issues affecting Black America

Premiere – Tuesday 8/26 @ 9pm EST on BET
Encore – Wednesday 8/27@ 9pm EST on BET

As you know, Wesleyan folks stay doing big things and alumni Tony Ducret is at it again. After grinding on the Hip Hip vs. America series, Ducret continues the dialogue with a focus on the upcoming historic election. If you’re a baller get your TiVo ready or stay in on Wednesday night and get it poppin’. Here’s a more detailed summary to better understand the project: 

With the first black candidate firmly installed as the Democratic nominee for the presidency, Black America is in the midst of a joyous historic event. While we should revel in the significance of having reached this moment in history, we should also pause to recognize the simultaneous severity of this moment in history. Black people currently face challenges that threaten both our short term and long term survival. Black people should not become so blinded by our quest to see a black president that we neglect to demand that the candidate that we support provide ideas and solutions to the problems that threaten the future of Black America

In “What’s At Stake”, a unique blend of familiar voices from Black America’s political and entertainment worlds will carry on a conversation that will delve into how the policies supported by both presidential candidates can, for better or worse, affect the lives of Black Americans

Featuring: Al Sharpton, Nas, Chuck D, David Banner, Soulja Boy, Hill Harper and more….

Produced By: Tony Ducret

In the meantime, be sure to check out the Hip Hop vs. America series. It’s always a good look to hear what folks are thinking on issues of violence, “The Industry”, capitalism, racism and all those other “isms” affecting Hip Hop and our communities.  From Michael Eric Dyson to David Banner, this series makes room for some raw dialogues (as raw as televised dialogues on BET can get, ya dig?). It serves as an important reminder that we’re not all “sleep walking” and disengaging with the world around us. Maybe one day we’ll move beyond the talking and start walking. Check it out:

One Response to “What’s At Stake?”
  1. SH says:

    The entire soundtrack is produced by former-G Band Free emcee Gordon Voidwell(fka Will Johnson) and Isaiah Elwell.



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