Bang This In The Whip

Here are this week’s BANGERS:

Mickey Factz feat. The Cool Kids “Rockin N Rollin”

Mickey Factz once said: “I’m the savior of the Bronx, King of the blogs, and leader of the galaxy and basically what I do is create the greatest music ever.” WOW! Who gets away with that? Mickey Factz. I seriously can’t get enough…

“The Cool Kids: You need landing gear where we be at”

“Trynna get it to the point where I don’t even take snap shots anymore cause they paying me for silhouettes”

Kid Cudi Crookers Remix “Embrace The Martian”

In keeping with the universal ALIEN theme of late this is a particularly relevant banger. It’s poppy and catchy as hell, turn the volume up extra loud for this one and dance without abandon…GO!

Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson “Hello”

On a mainstream tip, this beat is real serious and heckof addictive. We banged this before the Rock The Bells after party after taking shots of patron to the face. Ha, save it for the weekend.

Andre 3000 feat. Norah Jones “Take Off Your Cool”

Oldie but goodie. Night time jam. I’ve wanted to personally sing this to every dude in my life…It’s about time we took off our cool even for a moment:

“Baby, take off your cool
I wanna see you, I wanna see you
Baby, don’t be so cool
I wanna see you, I wanna see you”

The Cool Kids + QUE B.i.l.l.a.h. “I Got Colors”

Raw beat. “I got kicks different colors” = classic topic. I fit the bill (I’m an amateur):

Well, those are my picks for right now. I’m about to head off to the JANELLE MONAE + RAPHAEL SAADIQ show in North Beach, holl@!!! Stay tuned for yet another show review…Hope y’all are surviving the week, keep ya head up…

One Response to “Bang This In The Whip”
  1. SH says:

    i saw mickey factz on the train, had to tell dude to get out of my way. he was blocking the exit. good rapper, not a good strap hanger.

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