We’re Not Alone


The universe is on my mind. The devastating failure of Rationality. Reality. The Game. All of this. It seems to be dissolving around us or is it just the opposite? This entry might be a bit cryptic but bear with me. It all started innocently with my discovery of the A Legion In Every Nation (ALIEN) crew. On the surface of things, these galaxy riders represent young hustler$ trying to expose the world to their point of view vis-a-vis unique design concepts, unconventional parties, and an online mag. Y’all know I’m the resident hype killer (and maybe Cali is turning me soft) but there’s something about these folks. For once, I see something beyond the gear. The clothes are fresh to death but the concept of “galaxy riding” and flirtation with the extraterrestrial got me thinking on some clever Sun-Ra tip. Enter Nas. He puts out “We’re Not Alone” on Untitled which explicitly references UFOs and draws parallels between politics and space:

Confucius, Confucius
Sigmund Freud
And Fard Muhammad
Is it evolution or God?
Searching for the truth is a threat
Seems the closer we get to the truth
State troopers or FEDs come out to silence you/
I’ma tell you what I seen with
my three eyes
Word to me, not a hoax, back in 9-9
spacecraft in the skyline
In L.A., in daytime, ask Horse if I’m lying

So now I’m really thinking about non-human life and it’s tenuous relationship to the decline of the American Empire. It didn’t help that the week Untitled released, everyone around me wanted to talk about “the impending apocalypse” (as a cliche) and the ultimate insignificance of human beings/the fragility of life. Two days later Dave passed away…the one person who was genuinely invested in living a full aware, present, and humble life that implicitly acknowledged the (co)existence of other life forms with ours. People usually rode him off assuming he was talking a bunch of nonsense and then he died and it shook the very ground beneath us. Everyone was left in a state of confusion and all we had was Reality, Law, and Logic to explain such a “freak accident”. People kept saying it felt superstitious. I was then reminded of the death of one of my favorite authors Theresa Hak Kyung Cha who was brutally murdered and raped by a stranger in NYC the week after her masterpiece Dictee was published. It took Asian Americanists nearly 10 years to incorporate Dictee into Asian American Literature curriculums out of fear that the book was cursed or haunted. Strangely enough, my Asian American Lit class came to the consensus that reading Dictee was our first psychic/intuitive reading experience. It’s almost as if it was ghost written (as in written by ghosts). I’m losing most of you right about now but instead of hating just read it and you’ll most likely agree. With Dave’s passing, I’ve been contemplating what it means to live and to die. I’ve been having long and difficult conversations with most of you about these matters, it seems we feel more vulnerable these days. We’re out in the world just trying to gain perspective, keep our egos in check and maintain. We carry a certain self-consciousness about ourselves, an acknowledgement that this could all be over tomorrow. Lately, these questions are ubiquitous. From Mickey Factz to Jay Electronica, the new kids on the block have their third eyes fixed on the future of hip hop and it’s sounding a lot like spaceships landing…or taking off, I can’t tell. Either way, I’m addicted to Jay Electronica’s “the pledge” track…it ties all of this together. Our mortality, paralyzing fear(s), desire to expose the hoax of Reality. The perfect crime…and ultimately our need to rationalize and stay within the lines. It’s not as clean or easy as Corporate America versus Non-profit versus Revolutionary. That’s not a worthwhile argument. It’s bigger than all that. It’s about ALIENS, it’s about ATLiens. It’s all seamlessly related in my brainplace. Meanwhile, Janelle Monae is headed fearlessly for the future–putting out an album inspired by Fritz Lang’s classic 1927 German expressionist film Metropolis. Monae speaks about escaping into her imagination (a dystopian universe) that parallels her lived childhood growing up in the hoods of Kansas. The point is, this world she creates of androids, proletarian workers and capitalists is not even metaphor! How can it be that so many of us (and all the dopest artists) are drawn to the unknown? Can we really all be “crazy”? I don’t buy that. Seriously, this is a small/modest list of some of the overlap I’ve been noticing…it’s all about connecting the dots. To end with a sense of humor (the greatest lesson in life), here is one of those hilarious youtube montages to Nas’s “We’re Not Alone”:

It’s good to be alive
Nobody is an island
We are part of an environment
Only way we are gonna survive
Is if we harmonize

[We’re not alone]

2 Responses to “We’re Not Alone”
  1. Sheezy says:

    i’ve been talking about living all weekend…so this post just got me. Nas’ line..’only way we are gonna survive is if we harmonize’… Last week, I had this one word on my mind and then Mel Nel had that one word as her facebook status..and we exchanged some words on it..Mel Nel said “I am a firm believer that people are connected, that somehow we know how those we love are feeling and in turn feel it in our own being…i guess this morning we have been shown how true that is.” oh how beautiful life becomes when we’re connected

  2. SH says:

    Check out my man the theoretical physicist David Bohm who argued for something he called “the Implicate Order.”

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