Rocked The Bells

Wow, what an epic weekend…I’m still in recovery mode. The truth is I couldn’t make it to Rock The Bells (my pockets are hurting right now) but I managed to hit up the after party at Mezzanine with my girls. We arrived before midnight to get our money’s worth ($15, you feel me?). After a 20 minute DJ set, one of the thousands of hypemen/MCs on stage introduced the lovely Goapele. Last month, Ana and I bumped into her at DNA lounge but were far too awkward and nervous to say anything. I just smiled like a crazy person and ran away. Real classy, Isa. To her credit, she’s mad accessible and laid back…Goapele is the business! I absolutely love her and apparently so did the group of grown a$$ men in front of us wildin’ out to “Closer”–it was a beautiful thing, my people. In my drunken stupor, I came to the realization that Goapele and Mos Def have an almost identical dimple! Dimples make me smile…

Well aren’t they beautiful. Mos Def came on next with Q-Tip (woop woop!) who DJ’d a 2hr set. Aside from being distractingly sexy, Mos was busy keeping the crowd hype and clowning around. Even with a RBG bandana cloaked over his face, he killed it. While some folks were disappointed that he didn’t perform, I was thoroughly enjoying watching him and Q sing along to Isaac Hayes and de la. How can you complain in their presence? Maybe that’s just me…but if you feel that way and you live in the sf bay area, hit me up and we’ll go out together!!! Anyway…THEN Q-Tip brought out the new darling of hip hop, Jay Electronica!!! Jay is THE TRUTH. He’s been on the radar for a minute so I’ll spare the hype. It was my first time hearing him spit and well worth the wait. Not surprisingly, folks were mad disrespectful during his set b/c he’s not “certified hot shit yet”. Aren’t y’all sick of hearing the same cyprus hill records? Open your ears to new sound! Instead of being salty, Jay proceeded by paying tribute to Dilla and kicking “eternal sunshine/the pledge” acapella. It was the hotness. He was also looking fresh in his red alife everybody mid parachutes, no doubt. Granted I was seriously faded (all these generous dudes were passing around j’s, it was great!), I seriously remember us catching ill eye contact. Ana’s convinced that it’s all in my head, it probably is. If you don’t know about him already, get to know him. Read this article w/ Urb Mag. Check his MySpace. (Unlike Kid Cudi, he satisfies the hype). And now for a series of blurry pictures brought to you by my loyal sidekick lx, I want you to feel like you were right there with us…!!!


If only they allowed cameras inside the club…Sigh. Lastly, I have to shout out my fams: K-Swift! He was out here for the weekend to perform with Afrika Bambataa @ Rock The Bells. It’s always a good time when he’s around and this visit was no exception. If you’re not familiar with his work, here’s a lil taste:

That’s all for my weekend update! I’m finna crash and catch up on lost sleep! Thanks again for reading, love to you all…and a VERY happy belated birthday to my loves: James Sehring and Caroline White. Welcome to the grown and sexy club, woop woop! I’ll leave you with this glamour shot of all my favorites:

One Response to “Rocked The Bells”
  1. Care says:

    Happy Birthday to us! Thanks for the shouts Isa. That after party sounds amazinggg. Went to Santos the other night an Q-tip was djing as well and it was so much fun. He definitely my baby daddy.

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