I’ve developed a bad habit out of late night coffee runs. Tonight, Ana took me to the hypetastic Ritual Roasters (<—that is one baller a$$ website for a coffee joint) in the Mission. The coffee was off the chains but the hipster saturation levels were overwhelming. For now, we’ll stick to Guerilla Cafe in Berkeley…Shout out to my fellow bourgeois revolutionaries who love to sip on those Red, Gold and Green spritzers. Alas, I am wide awake with nothing to do but blog (ughhh) as all my working (and unemployed) friends back east are sound asleep. From the looks of my blog stats, my readership seems to be expanding beyond just Wesleyan folks so if that’s you: Welcome! and I apologize ahead of time for the obscure, insider references, name-drops and insular nature of this blog. Sigh. Speaking of Wesleyan, I want to offer another shameless plug for two of my many talented friends:

Hima + Kool A.D. = Das Racist

I believe their self-selected genre placement on MySpace best describes their unique sound: “Dutch pop/Jam Band/Healing & EasyListening”. Please do yourselves a favor: hit up their MySpace page and jam out to “We Made It Demo” over and over and over again. It only gets better with time. Given all the bullshit that circulates (and gets record deals), Das Racist should mosdefinitely be on America’s radar and that means you! Don’t sleep on these dudes. In other related news, Hima (vis-a-vis his blog) introduced me to Harlem lyricist Charles Hamilton (who, by the way, spits exactly like Hima). Aside from Hamilton’s off-putting Sonic the Hedgehog fetish and strange attachment to the color pink, he’s pretty damn ill. Who knew I had a soft spot for lazy flows and unapologetic arrogance? Anyway, dude has a real clever track called “Windows Media Player” in which he manages to advertise both his blog and myspace. Lucky for me Buggin’ Out has a built-in theme song, holler. Check him out:

See what I mean about his unconventional steez? I know some of y’all might ride this dude off as corny and I can respect that but this might help sway the skeptics:

He can even hold his own among Kanye and The Game:

Turns out The Game is a mic hog…not surprising. If only we were poppin’ bottles in our impromptu ciphers (although it all seems a bit awkward/contrived). Well lovers + friends, I’m about to call it a night. Thanks for reading, keep on keeping on…

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