Still Ray

The way I see it, Raphael Saadiq (born Charlie Ray Wiggins) is simply as good as it gets. Hailing from the glorious kingdom of Oakland, CA (woop, woop) this creative genius got his start as lead vocalist for Tony! Toni! Toné! Later, Saadiq joined forces with Dawn Robinson (En Vogue) and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (Tribe) to birth the brilliant and beautiful R&B lovechild: Lucy Pearl. Additionally, Saadiq has (almost exclusively) collaborated with artists of his calibre to make some of the best most explosive and orgasmic music IN THE ENTIRE EFFING WORLD. This includes: D’angelo, The Roots, Teedra Moses, The Isley Brothers, Kelis, Devin the Dude, Earth, Wind & FIre, Snoop, The Bee Gees and Young Bellz. Thanks to darling Steven Pristin (peep his baller blog) I am listening to “The Way I See It” RIGHT NOW as I write this. Jealous? You fucking should be. This album far surpasses any soul or r&b I have recently celebrated. It feels GOOD! (Are y’all getting the reference?) Check out some of his upcoming Mo-town inspired tracks courtesy of Jason Lalor‘s unofficial facebook blog:

Staying In Love

100 Yard Dash

I’ll issue a formal reminder in the upcoming month but mark your calendar, the album is slated to drop September 16, 2008. Until then, all praises to the holy Raphael Saadiq. As I’ve mentioned, I’ll be seeing him LIVE on August 20, SUCKAHS!!! I’m so obnoxious, oh well. Here’s some candy for the kids:

Lucy Pearl “Dance Tonight”

Raphael Saadiq “Still Ray” Live

Raphael Saadiq is the truth.

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