No, I’m NOT Filipina


This is how I feel after job searching on and for hours and finding absolutely nothing. I’m giving myself until September 1 to acquire an inevitably mediocre job to pay the bills. You see, I’ve decided to commit to the artist hu$tle, which means i’ll be juggling several part times for the sake of my sanity. Don’t let anyone fool you into believing that this so-called artist hu$tle is romantic. Not at all. In other news, the plumbers finally came through my apartment to fix the wack shower pressure. At one point I overheard them guessing my ethnicity. They finally decided I was Puerto Rican. I often get confused for Puerto Rican back east, I think it’s all the fake gold I wear. I realized I look like a fucking christmas tree most of the time (a fly christmas tree…). THEN, my building manager came with her husband to install mad locks on the windows and they both decided I was Filipina and started speaking to me in Tagalog hella fast. Will everyone help me out and spread the word: I AM NOT FILIPINA! I agree with Sam that it is an honest and understandable mistake as my Japanese/Uruguayan a$$ is a mix of Asian and Latino anyway (which is essentially what Filipinos are working with). It all comes down to colonialism so I guess we’re all the same. Damn Spaniards. But seriously, everyday approximately 10 people mistake me for Filipina, it’s motivating me to learn Tagalog (Lisa boo, help me out). Oh, the trials and tribulations of ethnic ambiguity (just kidding). If I’m not Filipina or Puerto Rican, some white person is assuming I’m Hawaiian or “Native” (I’ve even heard “Icelandic” before, people are crazy!!!). In other news, heartfelt thanks to everyone who has expressed concern for my safety since the last posting about the break-in. I appreciate that because shit was hella scary. Thanks to Christine and Ana I’ve managed to find refuge and stay out of trouble. I sincerely appreciate you all reading this blog…I know I’m not offering anything beyond silly commentary but it makes me feel like we’re connected. CORNBALL. Oh and check it out, I got my nails shortened and re-done. Neon pink and Gold this time, holl@:

Finally, big shout out to my girl Shanaze Reade. At 19, she is already established as a professional BMX racer for Great Britain riding her way to an Olympic gold medal in Beijing. Word. Superficially, I dig that she’s repping for the diasporic/mixed kids around the world as the daughter of a Jamaican father and Irish mother. She’s fucking dope and I wish I had her fearlessness:

You gotta love this glamour shot:

So, while all y’all are drooling over Michael Phelps, I’ll be cheering Shaneze on (not that you can’t do both). OH ALSO: Janelle Monae’s “Metropolis” finally drops today. GO COP THIS RIGHT NOW! Support quality music. Unfortunately, supporting Metropolis means supporting Diddy. Why must he ruin everything? Exactly one week before I get to witness her (and Raphael Saadiq) brilliance LIVE. I’ll be sure to take photos for bragging rights:

Yo, to be honest, I’m having a REALLY hard time coming to terms with the loss of the late great Isaac Hayes. Austin, this is how I imagined us dressing during senior week (consider me an Isaac Hayes “trend sweater”):

Ugh, I think I’m in love.

5 Responses to “No, I’m NOT Filipina”
  1. ap says:

    love, people think you’re filipina bc you are beautiful and stylish! Embrace your ethnic ambiguity, you defy people’s notion of the Real all day every day!
    also–you haven’t gotten “te pareces a Woopi Golberg”, so, sssshhhhh…

    love you.

    also, ps- re:08/11/08 entry– Not gonna lie, kinda looking forward for November, kinda wanna hang out with your dad…

  2. bugginout says: WHOOPI?! I just laughed so hard booface. you know whoopi and I share a birthday though right? this is another reason why I should probably go into comedy…it’s my fate. also, my dad loves you. he’ll bring you gifts tipped in tequila. hahaha. love you too.

  3. bugginout says:

    *dIpped not “tipped” whoa isa

  4. anomyn-in says:

    damn i love ya!

  5. rushay says:

    he he she not filipina people yeah race would always be a issue no matter how race free society is promotes as people often ask me what is my ethnicity cos being from africa they already have a preconceived notion what im suppose to be

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