Go Wes?

As if playing muse for Gucci:


“Gucci’s casual wear had a slightly more rock influence. Fluorescent touches were seen on military jackets and thin cashmere sweaters, inspired by what Gucci called “fluokids”, a musical youth movement. It said the collection was inspired by the style of the band MGMT”.

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…and getting props and publicity from Kanye West (or whoever obsessively manages/updates his blog) for “Electric Feel” and “Time to Pretend” wasn’t enough…my boy Niggy Tardust (AKA Saul Williams) commissioned Wesleyan alum Rob Leitzell by way of another Wesleyan alum Ray Tintori to write and develop treatments (AKA commissioned their expertise on psychedelic animal placement) for his new video “Convict Colony”. Of course, Kanye’s people are also on top of the coverage…Check it out. Watch the following video to hear Niggy’s vision behind the video…and to be continually amazed at the success of Wesleyan grads (I hope this means we’re next to blow up, HA):

…And then it’s fight for old Wesleyan,
never give in.
Fight to the end
when might and right shall win.
So keep on fighting ’til victory
crowns everyone;
And then it’s fight, fight, fight, fight
for Wesleyan!

Go Wes!


To fellow WesHeads: Do you ever feel like everyone we know has already accomplished one of the following feats: published a book, worked on the latest spike lee flick, been signed by a major record label, played muse for a fashion god, been cast as the “educated” lesbian on America’s Next Top Model and then as an awkward/mediocre MTV vj, become the hottest internationally celebrated dub sensation, worked as a paralegal for one of the best immigration law firms, become a teacher/educator, gotten wifed up (aka married, WOW), featured in MIA’s “Paper Planes” video, enrolled in some prestigious grad school program, jump started a killer fashion blog TO NAME A FEW. It’s because they have. Whoa, my peoples, we are doing the damn thing.

4 Responses to “Go Wes?”
  1. Sheezy says:

    hahahaha…oh, the fight song

  2. Care says:

    Isa, I’m loving this blog. Aside from Electric Feel being my song of the moment, I think you’ve inspired me to go out and receive some glorious nail care. It’s hot!

  3. SH says:

    out of principle, gucci should not take as their muses, two individuals who don’t shower regularly.

    sorry for the hate…

  4. bugginout says:

    Caroline! You gotta get your nails did, send me a pic and i’ll post it 🙂 we deserve it though, right?

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