Introducing: Pops

World, Meet my Dad:

It explains a lot about me, doesn’t it? No one is ballin’ out of control quite like Pops. No one. Obviously, I inherited his fierce sense of style and love for the bling…only with more hair. As many of you know, my Internet savvy father has setup his very own facebook account. Occasionally, he posts freestyle raps on my wall– a virtual cipher, if you will. You all seem to find this highly entertaining (usually at my expense). Growing up, I always had the sneaking suspicion that the real reason people wanted to come over to my house was (drumroll please) my Dad. It was weird. It still is. The thing is, you haven’t even seen the epic collection of text messages I have stored in my SIM card. If you’re good, I’ll share them with you. Emcee Nakazawa is possibly the most understated dude in Hip Hop which is why I’m here to make a pitch for Pops and his irrefutable talents. See for yourself:

–> Hi, Isa. This is yer Pop, bein a wiz, doin good biz, but losin some fiz ’cause it’s too hot an da rain’s gotta stop…gonna turn into fungus, that green shit among us. Send me some cool, so’s i won’t drool.

–> What a week. Hung out with too many freaks. They made funny sounds. like bleep, bleep, bleep. Made you want to weep, or at least feed them all tons of leeks. Then, I’m sure they would all take a leap off a cliff. If only if.

–> Nothin to lose by selling shoes. Much to gain by healin the pain of aching feet coming thru the door of yer store. Poogie here, makin it happen…makin people happy!

–> It’s all ’bout the money, Honey. Without it, life ain’t funny. You need lots ‘o cash to feed yo ass, not to mention livin next to heaven. God don’t need no money though, ’cause all ‘o this stuff is his show. But we gonna need it bad, an it’s kinda sad that toil we must until we turns to dust.

…and that’s nothing

He’s exactly what hip hop needs! Unless of course you’re perfectly happy with the current state of things…like Tyga:

…didn’t think so.

Move aside Tyga. Y’all aint even ready for Papa Nakazawa. Get ready…

One Response to “Introducing: Pops”
  1. Papa Nakazawa says:

    I am truly honored. Love, Daddio

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