In the spirit of 08.08.08 (one of those meaningless causes for celebration), I’m providing you with a list of eight unrelated thoughts.feelings.things. Let’s kick things off right:

1. kitttys22. Today my fortune cookie read: You are sincerely trying to improve. In what kind of fucked up world does that qualify as a fortune? It doesn’t even guarantee improvement, it’s simply acknowledging my “sincere” effort. NOT HELPFUL! I find this to be a profoundly depressing and slightly condescending message from the gods…I get it. I’m not ballin’ out of control…yet. Cut me some SLACK, people! I just moved to a new city and I have very few marketable skills. Capitalism reigns as public enemy number one. The main point here is: I want a refund on that fortune. I figure vegan chinese joints just give out bootleg fortunes. Psh, unacceptable.

3. So, yesterday night someone broke into my apartment. I’ll spare you the play by play. Shout out to Sam Han (check out his baller blog) for coaching me through the trauma. All I can say is I’m seriously considering buying a baseball bat or taking up martial arts again. I was struck by how powerless I felt in the presence of a large, intimidating man. I want to be prepared at any moment to throw down and defend my livelihood. You feel me? I’m looking into classes…I may be little but I’m a force to be reckoned with (or will be one day). Sam can speak to my inability to think on my feet and paralyzing distrust of the cops. Thankfully, I’m still living in an empty apartment where the only thing one can take is my beer and leftovers (which is exactly what he took). Asi es la vida…

4. Today K-Swift posted the following youtube of Tupac speaking at a Malcolm X Grassroots Movement event in 1992. You’ll find his words still resonate 16 years later…especially his devastating critiques of “the movement” and its dangerous inaccessibility to the people it (problematically) speaks for. I wanted to keep this video circulating– it serves as an important reminder that we need to stop all the nonsense (particularly: unchecked righteousness and insular political organizing). Peep this:

On a related note, if you’re in the Bay Area be sure to support Black August:

5. Pyrotechnic artist Cai Guo-Qiang designed a WILD fireworks display for the 2008 Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing. And they actually bothered to rehearse the extravaganza (what perfectionists)…I can only imagine how much it costs to fund such a production:

Holy shit. Where does our money go…

6. Take a moment to get FAMILIAR with (hands down) the fiercest and flyest lyricist/songstress/performer out there: SILK-E. It amazes and outrages me that she’s not as famous and generically successful as E. Badu, J. Scott or even the prophet Ms. Hill. If you ever see her live you will be instantly converted. She operates on an entirely different frequency. There’s not many youtubes of her but I love this song:

Silk-E sharing the stage with Cody ChesnuTT + Martin Luther @ Rebel Soul Festival in Frisco (It was AMAZING…I wish every show was like this…)

7. This is my shit. Big ups to “Martian” Luther, he’s my daily bread.

For the record: We women don’t sleep with our bras on…also, I love the all-star cameos

8. Fuck a bike. I want a vintage scooter:

Well, it doesn’t get more random and disorganized than that y’all, hope you could find something worth reading. Enjoy the weekend, be safe.

2 Responses to “08.08.08”
  1. SH says:

    It was an honor to walk you through that ordeal. LOL. LOCK the windows. You’re acting a bit too free in the few weeks you’ve been in SF. It’s real out here. Recession.

  2. ears says:

    Vintage Scooters are the shit. I have 4. That is a Lambretta series 2 tv 175. Those are like 8 grand. Fucking money!

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