Who Killed Hip Hop?

I know, we’re all tired of talking about Hip Hop’s mortality but I want to weigh in on the whole Ice-T/Soulja Boy drama (I’m mad delayed) and the fact that both Jimmy “Ballin” Jones and 50 Cent need to stop talking shit about my boo Nas and questioning his “relevance” in the rap game. Maybe your critiques would resonate more if you were targeting Talib or I don’t know SHAGGY. We all know Talib has considerably more sway in the burbs than the hood but Nas is different. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Jimmy but how is he really gonna step to NASIR JONES? Know your rank yo. I know, it sounds harsh but the truth hurts don’t it? (Sidenote: Can everyone stop talking about the mediocre beats off Nas’s Untitled like that’s news? That’s his signature, leave him alone! Also, it’s too late in the game to start picking hot beats! No offense premo. Can we at least give props to Jay Electronica for doing the damn thing?) This is my plea to stop the hate!!! Why do we always have to bring someone down? You might not think launching a campaign against Fox News is a political priority but why hate? I’m not going to post the 50 and Jim Jones dis videos because they’re already gassed off all the attention so here is Nas’s casual reply:

Shout out to Hardknock TV. Also, something I respect about Nas is that he provoked critical conversations about the state of hip hop without pulling the condescending shit Ice-T is pulling by hating on Soulja Boy. It is a sad day for Hip Hop when we play our immature beef out on YOUTUBE. Next time I’m angry at my friends, I’ll be sure to make a really intimidating video blog and SEE WHAT HAPPENS! It must be MAD awkward when they run into each other in real life. I mean, Jimmy straight up ran past Nas with his head down (out of sheer embarrassment) and then twisted the story around on the dvd. What kind of wack shit is that? Clearly nobody wants to own their words! Psh. Also: Ice-T it’s time to move beyond the Golden Era…bitterness and nostalgia will never help elevate the game and Soulja Boy called you out on that. Soulja Boy is no winner in this scenario, I’m just saying. Take a look at De La Soul– they’ve managed to keep up with the times and rock the bells every summer alongside acts like The Cool Kids. They’re still relevant. Even Nas did a track with Chris Brown! (Don’t laugh) Sometimes the best thing to do is embrace change (read: don’t vote for John McCain). It’s always the same story: Too many egos in Hip Hop! Too much beef in Hip Hop! Lets go vegan for awhile (Ha, allow me one corny joke per entry). Ok, I’m done. No one ever comments on my rants about the state of hip hop anyway…maybe it’s all too much to handle. Shout out to my boo D. Maryasin for linking me to the following 15 minute lyrical manifesto from Joe Budden. Listen to the whole thing, my dude is thorough and thoughtful. Feel free to weigh in, I know some of y’all are die hard dipset fans. Sigh. That’s on you:

Did you see what he did there? He took responsibility…WHOA! That’s new…


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