The Hype Machine

Wait, motherfuckers make trailers for their mixtapes now? Holy shit! The Hype Machine is in full effect. Although, I’m not convinced Kid Cudi said much of anything. Something, something “the game is changing” something, something “It’s all me”. If I’ve learned anything about successfully generating hype, it’s that you don’t have to say ANYTHING substantial to get people excited (especially clubs full of belligerent young professionals with a lot of steam to blow off). In fact, it’s best if you say absolutely nothing. No one knows hype better than the number one Hype Man in hip hop: Dj Premier. I had the pleasure of experiencing a 2-hour live set of his right here in Frisco where all the hip hip nerds come out to play. Primo had grown ass men jumping up and down, screaming at the top of their lungs, grunting, grinding, sweating profusely and abandoning all civility within seconds. I found myself joining the circus and contributing to choruses of “ohhh shits” and “ohhh yeas” (although there were definitely moments when I realized how absurd/obnoxious the whole thing was). It went something like this:

Apparently all it takes to get folks riled up is to go off on angry nonsensical rants about “fake motherfuckers fucking the world up” and “real motherfuckers holding shit down”. Speak exclusively in vaguerities. You should also ask the crowd if they’ve heard of Gang Starr every other 10 seconds. Always emphasize how real you are. Clearly, Kid Cudi took copious notes before shooting his trailer. Well done. 

On a side note: Cudi’s outfit is right on. Mean swag. Men take note: that beanie hat is the hotness. Esther and I are always buggin’ over the hat/pea coat combo, it works everytime. Chris Brown pulls off the same look in that awkward ass “No Air” video with Jordan “Absolutely No Sparks with Chris Brown” Sparks. See: 

This seems to be a popular style among the Filipino fly guys out here on Haight St. I approve. Go figure, Sir Michael of the Rocks from the freshass rap-duo The Cool Kids pulls off the beanie like no one else can. He accrues extra points for rocking a 49ers beanie and dropping his sidekick on the floor, duhhcity. Peep this (watch the whole thing, there’s a silly freestyle at the end): 

I apologize if my entries lack coherence, this is how my mind works. Start commenting! I feel like I’m all alone but I know some of y’all night owls are on your stalker game. Ha, I’m talking to YOU! I’ll leave you with one of my personal favorite freestyle sessions with The Cool Kids. (Admittedly, I used to hate on them when they first blew up and everyone was acting like they were jump starting some music revolution but after kicking it with them at Wesleyan, I can honestly say they are some fun loving, humble ass dudes who don’t take themselves too seriously. I appreciate that.) I’ve also got serious love for Dj V.I.Pj That’s all for me, goodnight World!

“Yo, I can’t be an average rapper, I was born backwards. Come from the womb, not from the tomb.”


4 Responses to “The Hype Machine”
  1. SH says:

    I’m not sold on Cudi at all. His whole schtick is a bit reminiscent of Pharcyde, which I like, but I think he really can’t rap. I’m willing to be proven wrong though…

  2. trendology says:

    “Esther and I are always buggin’ over the hat/pea coat combo, it works everytime.”



  3. Sheezy says:

    While I’m not definitely not feeling that clip of Cudi…I dont think we can pass him off yet. He’s got this swagger to him..that many try to achieve in their daily goings, much less in the muzik biz. Of course I may be eating my words later but i like his flow and his range. he’s floating between spitting and singing..and i dig that.

    umm..and the hat/pea coat combo…so right

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