Dante For Prez

Mos Def on Roger Clemens (Hilarious)

Try to ignore the crippling douchebaggery that is Karmaloop TV and that corny a$$ interviewer. Typical overly eager white dude syndrome. Yikes. Why can’t he appreciate the obvious hilarity/brilliance staring him straight in the face?! Are you kidding me? That interview was fucking perfect. Mos sincerely didn’t know that steroids were illegal but I must say it’s consistent with his argument. Personally, I love when he rants about the limitations of “human effort” to fulfill the superhero tasks we EXPECT and DEMAND from celebs like Roger Clemens. Sigh, we’re a ridiculous people with our absurd investments in the illusion of human capability. Steroid scandals remind us that all of this is simply performance. Gasp! Anyway, two cheers for Dante Smith and our matching Nixon watches:

He has the baller (read: expensive) Ceramic Player on the Left and I have the fly (read: less expensive) gold-plated Player. Sorry for that superficial plug but I had to indulge. Anyway: he has the whiniest voice on the planet and I can’t get enough of it. Here’s another one of my favorite interviews featuring Chapelle and Mos. Think Control vs. Adaptation:

A-Ha! Mystery solved, he was supposed to be a comedian. I will take that into consideration when deciding upon my future career. For some reason wordpress won’t let me embed tracks from imeem or videos from anywhere else but youtube (which explains a lot about my exclusive reliance on youtube), so click here to watch Dave Chapelle philosophize about the complicated yet ever-connected relationship between comedy and music. While you’re at it sign up for a free hulu tv username, free access to full episodes of all the best tv shows/movies. It’s worth mentioning that everyone’s always hating on my (VERY SERIOUS) desire to do stand up and apparently I can get a farm out of it if I play my cards right. Who’s laughing now? Lashawn?! Didn’t think so…

2 Responses to “Dante For Prez”
  1. Sheezy says:

    hhahah..Let it be known I’m still laughing at you trying to be a comedian. Also Mos is hilarious/crazy..great highlights from that clip..”who saves needles?” and my personal favorite..”you can get steroids at the bodega”..i guess it didn’t hit Flatbush bodega’s yet.

  2. bugginout says:

    We’ll see who’s laughing when I have a farm sheezy! Hahaha, I’m i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t if you know what that meaaaaans…I kid, I kid. Mos reps Brooklyn well…you should be proud boo.

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