Real-est Talk



Hello Future Famous Friends (FFF). I think we can all agree this is as perfect as a band photo gets. Shout out to Victor and Tal for the choreographed hand gesturing and Owen for the obscure prop useage. If you’re not familiar with these certified lady killers, they go by the (brilliant) name Boy Crisis and they just landed the coveted “Band of the Day” spot online @ Guardian UK. I am truly buggin’ out over how many folks make major moves when they graduate from Wesleyan. I used to think we were all fated to go on vision quests and become Buddhist monks or hardcore Neo-Conservatives. I realize now that we were meant for bigger things like Williamsburg, guiltless gentrification, the Blogosphere (ooooh shit) and TRL. Just kidding. Kind of. Real talk: I have mad love for these dudes and I need them to come play a show in San Francisco pronto (Hint, hint). Be on the look out for Boy Crisis, they are undoubtedly doing the damn thing. Woop, woop.


2 Responses to “Real-est Talk”
  1. SH says:

    Watch for that new Das Racist track featuring Jon Coplon (formerly of G Band Free) in the works right now. BULLET.

  2. Sheezy says:

    I LOVE BOY CRISIS YEAH!!! Oh, and its good to know that I wont be on this vision quest 4eva

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