Real Talk

crossprocessI am certifiably buggin’ out

I graduated into the world. Economic recession, perfect timing. Then, I jumped coasts. I spend my days tirelessly writing cover letters awaiting my turn to join the elusive workforce. At night, I brainstorm new hobbies to adopt. In the morning, I remember that I’m dead broke and have no excess funds to spend on hobbies like music lessons, martial arts classes and/or crash courses in html and graphic design (my desperate attempt to acquire more marketable/profitable skills). I proceed to watch youtube videos of Jin and Serius Jones’ epic freestyle battles at the neighborhood cafe. There’s nothing quite like corny rhymes, cross-racial haterisms, rampant homophobia and d-bag hypemen to pass the time! By midday, I am usually battling a stress induced headache brought on by general unemployment/transitional anxieties and compounded with the realization that I, once again, forgot to buy toilet paper at Safeway. My loan payment plan begins now due to my (smart-in-the-long-term) decision to consolidate and I’m paying San Francisco rents, you do the math. To break from this routine (if it even qualifies as such), I am starting this blog. Other reasons include: to busy myself, to satisfy my need to feel productive, to document the many times a day I bugg out, to pay homage to a hip hop classic (ha), to get in the habit of writing everyday. The list continues. Presently, I am buggin’ out over the youtube video postings of last week’s Brave New Voices youth poetry slam festival in Washington, DC. My broke ass didn’t scrape up the necessary funds to fly out and join the party and that is clearly my loss (I’m still mourning…). Here’s a taste of the talent: 

“I am a Queen” performed by Yung

…that’s why when lovers act up, I check mates…

New Orleans Team

…you an applause-stage hustler…

I wish I knew the name of the last poet…she kills it in every video! For those of you who have read my previous critiques of spoken word and hip hop, you know I don’t care for the formulaic, cliche victimizing ish and it’s about time more poets started calling each other out on the bullshit that’s spit. Word up to BNV and the Hawai’i team for winning the damn thing! Oh, and welcome to Buggin’ Out. Why are YOU buggin’? 

Post-script: I am seriously BUGGIN’ over the wack template options of I apologize for the one-column situation, you have to scroll all the way down for the blogroll and blog archive. (This is EXACTLY why I need to brush up on my html/css skills, anyone care to share the wealth? For free. I love you and shit). Lastly, click the “About” page for another informal welcome. 


One Response to “Real Talk”
  1. Jillian says:

    I know we had to graduate so we can learn the true meaning of independence and to start/continue to put things in motion but, damn I wish we could have a collective freak out right now. With music- shouting- hugs- you know, the works.

    Miss yo face, love. And will creepily be internet stalking you to fill the void.

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