Real-er Talk

Good morning, World!

…AKA my narrow readership. In any case, I am thoroughly enjoying another beautiful bay area morning snuggled up by with a bowl of Puffins “Honey Rice” and hot tea by the bay window in my sister’s future room. Bitting her style, just a little bit. Before I hop in the shower and find one of the many parks in the city to leisurely sunbathe in (oh the subtle perks of unemployment) and bugg out over the novel The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (shout out to Junot Diaz) Ana gave me to replace my dense theory books and articles, I want to expose y’all to the one and only: Jazmine Sullivan.

Jazmine, age 11 @ The Apollo

Jazmine feat Missy “Need U Bad”

I realize now I could never blow up and become a famous r&b singer (my childhood dream) because I never made an appearance on Star Search or The Apollo when I was an awkward poorly-dressed peer-pressured little squirt. I never had power hungry industry/wannabe-industry parents. My parents barely know who Little Richard is…and he’s of their generation. Although, my dad bumps Dead Prez hardbody. I also don’t have any home videos of me obnoxiously singing to the camera and using carrots or crayons as microphones when I was five. (At that age, I wanted desperately to save whales and become a marine biologist, not that I had any vague or specific idea of what that meant…shout out to Jillian who adored the marine life as much I did. I also loved unicorns, specifically of the cartoon variety). Lastly, I’m 21. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like 21 is WAY TOO OLD to make it? I mean, Soulja Boy and JoJo were signed as fetuses. I guess we’re all over the hill. Sigh. By the by, get used to an excessive/seriously unnecessary use of (parentheticals) throughout this blog…and to think I was ever getting paid as a writing tutor at Wesleyan University. That shit was the definition of buggin’ out…I digress. Peep the Jazmine videos, I’ll come back and tell you more about who she is/why I love her. I’m off to Duboce Park to witness the on-going war between the “dog people” and the “parent people” as I daydream of one day becoming a one hit wonder like Cassie…minus Diddy and the whole talentless thing…yeah I said it.

One Response to “Real-er Talk”
  1. ted says:

    that’s my boy camille playing drums in that video! the white guy!

    (i dig your blog.)

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